Bentley & Co Selects Intelocate to Enhance Retail Operations

Release Date: October 5, 2023

TORONTO, CANADA (October 5, 2023) – Bentley & Co LTD, Canada’s premier retailer of luggage and travel accessories, has announced the organization-wide implementation of a brand-new approach to day-to-day operations in partnership with Intelocate, Canada’s leading operations consolidation platform.

With operational efficiency now a major focus for all organizations, Intelocate’s platform delivers a fully featured suite of productivity-enhancing functionality, allowing retail staff to focus on sales and customer satisfaction. For head office, a consolidated dashboard, comprehensive task and issue management features, communication tools, and automated workflows dramatically reduce administrative work, whilst regional managers can take advantage of a simplified follow-up process for compliance auditing, and convenient report generation.

“Partnering with Intelocate, a fellow Canadian success story, showcases Bentley’s dedication to further elevating our customer experience,” said Walter Lamothe, CEO of Bentley & Co LTD. “By deploying Intelocate throughout the organization, we can collect and manage store and company-level requests and issues, as well as managing internal and external projects and tasks. We’re gaining a new level of visibility on operations and giving senior management the ability to make decisions based on a more accurate picture.”

“Traditionally, retail operations teams use a variety of standalone solutions that don’t communicate with each other, creating needless admin work that kills productivity,” said John Gurley, Intelocate’s Senior Director of Customer Success. “Intelocate removes those inefficiencies completely, driving productivity and reducing cost whilst remaining incredibly simple to implement.”

“Intelocate goes so much further than traditional operations tools,” said Richard Dumont, Bentley & Co LTD.’s VP of Customer Experience. “We’re already looking at Intelocate’s broader applications for our departments and are excited to capitalize on its flexibility for new projects in the future.”

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