Blue Link Wireless announces partnership with Intelocate

Release Date: August 3, 2022

Inside a Blue Link Wireless store

Blue Link Wireless, one of America’s leading AT&T Authorized Retailers, has partnered with Intelocate, a Toronto-based issue reporting and resolution, task management, and communications platform focused on multi-location businesses.

A key aspect of this partnership will see Blue Link Wireless consolidating many of its previously used applications and platforms with Intelocate, a single platform focused on helping multi- location businesses to streamline operations, simplify their systems, and reduce overhead.

By integrating Intelocate into its operations across all headquarters departments, field management, and store locations, Blue Link Wireless hopes to increase organization-wide visibility, identify emerging operational trends, and continue to build upon its industry-leading customer service standards.

“Blue Link Wireless has seen huge growth over the past few years,” said Saad Nadhir, CEO of Blue Link Wireless, “and we needed a scalable operations platform that provides a high level of detail on daily operations across the entire organization. Intelocate allows us to stay on top of issue reporting, task management, and communications within a single application, reducing operational complexity, and helping us to improve our customer service across the board.”

“Through this partnership between Intelocate and Blue Link Wireless, we’re able to deliver an operations platform that keeps Blue Link’s headquarters and locations connected, and provide up-to-date data to ensure operational efficiency,” said Tim McLaughlin, VP of Sales for Intelocate. “As our platform continues to evolve, we are helping multi-location businesses within the telecommunications retail space to strengthen the connection between customer experience and employee experience.”

Intelocate will provide Blue Link Wireless with not just a platform for issue reporting and resolution, task management, and centralized communications, but also the ability to manage many other aspects of their business, including vendors, serialized assets, human resources, and facilities.

About Blue Link Wireless

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