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Effortlessly elevate your daily operations

Achieve more with less – Intelocate’s core principle has guided us in creating a versatile operations platform tailored for efficiency-drive businesses. Our comprehensive solution integrates task management, issue reporting and resolution, and centralized communications into a user-friendly, customizable platform, streamlining operations from the foundation, simplifying processes, and unifying essential tools.

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Task Management

Effortlessly design tasks and projects, assigning them to individuals, teams, specific locations, or your entire organization.

Task Management Learn More

Issue Reporting

Create custom categories to monitor issues, with automatically assignment to the relevant department or personnel.

Issue Reporting Learn More


Communicate seamlessly, with all correspondence logged in its respective task or issue ticket, ensuring complete transparency.

Communications Learn More

More Features

Beyond our core features, Intelocate offers a growing range of tools designed to optimize and streamline your operations.

More Features Learn More

The full power of Intelocate, in the hands of your frontline staff

Rebuilt from the ground up, and taking on-board the invaluable feedback from our customers, Intelocate’s new mobile experience is focused on streamlining life for frontline staff and District Managers, while simplifying operations for Head Office.

Always accessible

The Intelocate app is always availble on your frontline staff’s devices, keeping them in the loop without the need to be tethered to a desk or computer

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Centralized task calendar

Keep everyone in your organization up to date with task assignments and due dates via convenient dashboard calendar and customizable push notifications

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Replace paper checklists

Your frontline staff will never have to worry about printing, storing, or digitizing paper checklists, compliance audits, or store tasks again

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Why Choose Intelocate?

Built on cutting edge technology and infrastructure, Intelocate’s operations platform powers thousands of locations worldwide, delivering enhanced transparency, accountability, and a proven track record of improving operational efficiency.

Improve and Simplify Operations

Create clarity and transparency so that your employees know when something requires their attention.

Increase Team Performance

Having an easy-to-use issue management software will significantly increase store engagement.

Transparency and Accountability

All issues and tasks are assigned to the relevant personnel, and can be tracked from start to finish.

Centralize Communications

Empower your teams to do more by giving them the ability to report issues and complete allocated tasks.

Customize Your Experience

Create your own workflow and automate assignments based on locations, teams, and roles.

Pay per Location, not per User

We price per location, not per user, to encourage the organization-wide adoption of the platform, and benefits it brings.

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What Intelocate Customers Say

Intelocate is a critical platform for our Operations Department. Once issues are logged we allocate to the relevant team for resolution within our agreed deadlines. Our experience with Intelocate has been great, and one that we are very happy with.

Stephen N
Operations Support Manager

Intelocate has helped us to streamline communications with stores for supply order requests, maintenance requests, and much more. It has greatly reduced requests through email, which was our primary objective.

Danielle L
Project Lead, Operations

This incredible tool has helped our organization increase productivity and maximize time management across our entire company. We love it, and would recommend it for any business!

Attique R
Director of Operations

Intelocate makes it simple to navigate, sort, assign and execute follow-up on a variety of tasks and/or issues. It has helped me to better manage cumbersome tasks and issues that would otherwise be flooding my e-mail inbox, or having me bombarded with texts and calls.

Jeremy B
Region Manager

As the majority of our employees work the retail sales floor, being able to review all outstanding issues in one single place is vital to completing tasks on time so those of us in the Corporate Office can get the responses and feedback we need.

Jennifer D
Director of Sales Execution

Intelocate allows us to quickly and accurately submit issue tickets and has greatly reduced issue resolution time, leading to an increase in employee satisfaction as they can quickly see the status of reported issues.

Drew D
District Manager

Intelocate has worked well for us, allowing automation of planned preventative maintenance and statutory legal H&S checks in our stores. The mobile application allows us to view data on the go and has been a game changer for regional managers

Paul M
Health & Safety Manager

Intelocate has reduced the time spent dealing with issue resolution across the business. As a result, we have learnt about new issues as users feel more confident (and it takes less time) to log other issues as they come up.

Rupert B
Central Operations Manager

Intelocate is a partner that we can rely on to help us reduce complexity, get issues resolved, and tasks completed. Since integrating the platform, we’ve seen major benefits across the entire organization.

Jason B
Chief Operating Officer