The to-do list. Stop doing and start solving.

By Phil Chang on November 11, 2021

A hand-written to-do list with wake up, coffee, and the rest written in a numbered list

The to-do list is a tool that helps you get things done. It’s a simple system: you write down what you need to do, and then you do it.

A to-do list is a good tool, but it has a problem: it’s not very good at working with other people. If you need to get something done, and you’re depending on someone else’s task to be finished first, your to-do list can sit there for a long time.

What’s the answer to make productivity something we can conquer? Sharing information in a logical, systematic format that allows for the company to have a collective mindset is how to conquer individual “to-do”ing and drive company solving. 

Stop doing and start solving. It’s the only way to move your business forward and keep your employees motivated, learning, and challenged.

The journalist and author Oliver Burkeman wrote that there are only 4000 thousand weeks in an average human’s lifetime. (by the age of 80) That doesn’t seem like much. 

At 50 weeks x 5 days = 250 days x 8 hours = 2000 hours of work time. 48% goes to emails and looking for internal information. Subtract meetings and it doesn’t leave a lot of time for doing. 

How do you share information, ask for help and track your requests without sending out a million bulletins, emails, slack channel announcements? Simple. 

You follow two rules:

  1. Use a tool that houses the information the company needs and directs it to the people who need it, keeping it visible and available to anyone who might be able to contribute. Use a platform that is seamless, intuitive to use, and make it welcoming to use. A new notion for platforms we know. This new way of doing things results in more issues being seen – people who had problems in organizations but could express themselves before are now using the platform to float previously unseen issues because it’s easy to use. 
  2. Use a platform that turns work into data. This helps the company and the employees see where the trends are, what kinds of issues are persistent, and how they fix those problems once and for all.

We built a new to-do list. It’s an all-in-one platform that closes to-do items, spots strategic issues, and keeps track of your most valuable resources and where they’re spending their valuable time. We kept the checkmark in the platform so checking things off is still satisfying.

At Intelocate, we’ve made it our business to build a platform that captures these two rules and expanded it into many different verticals and businesses. Companies with franchises, retailers with corporate stores, marketing departments, telecommunications companies, security companies all use Intelocate to track, task, and resolve issues.

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