The New Nature of Work

By Intelocate on March 8, 2021

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We’ve had great success, building and iterating our software. We’ve been blessed with great clients that love the software and embraced us.

The work landscape is changing. We as a society have started to do things differently from what we used to do ten years ago, maybe even five years ago. Certainly during the current pandemic conditions, wherever you are – the way you’ve done business has changed. These behaviors have created a very different approach to working and doing business

 We were already doing things differently pre-pandemic.

The sharing economy was thriving before the pandemic but it’s in full bloom now. Take, for example, Airbnb, Uber, or Upwork. These companies have changed how people work and communicate on a social and transactional level. Both are commercial transactions that are transparent and represent a different methodology for how our relationships and business transactions are conducted.

Visibility clears the way for clarity.

Today’s sharing economy is all about visibility. Anyone else who uses apps like Uber or Airbnb is used to doing business out in the open, in transparent conditions. Who you have done business with, where you have done business, and how successful your transaction was. The “work” you do is highly visible and on display. Everyone can see it. You get rated for what you’ve done, and you’re also applauded immediately for good experiences and transactions.,

Now take that and take one step backward to look at a bigger picture. Think of the customer journey…in the new generation where they’ve grown up with technology, they’re designed to find the fastest way to achieving whatever they’re intending to do. However, because of transparency, there is also a great sense of ownership of resources and constraints. This leads to a sense of frugalness or thriftiness to the way the digitally native do things.

Overall, there is a heightened sense of measurement and accountability. Tools that can support visibility promote alignment and agility.

From there, think of how the nature of work needs to be different.

There is a direct nature to which the new generation approaches tasks or to-do items. They’re not wired to follow lengthy processes nor are they inclined to take the long way to get anywhere they would like to go. They are built to pick up apps and use them, often testing and dropping apps that don’t show productivity right away.

Adopting simple and straightforward actions that capture these traits has certainly helped us build a platform that addresses and complements the new way of working.

Yulia shared her thoughts as the maiden blog for This Commerce Life site–where she is a favourite guest. This Commerce Life is an Ecommerce, business, and marketing podcast that shares success stories that inspire! Check them out at

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