Intelocate wins $100k pitch competition at ResolveTO

By Intelocate on February 7, 2017


Intelocate’s Operations Platform took centre stage at ResolveTO’s pitch competition, taking home the main $100k investment prize. During the pitch competition, CEO Yulia Vasilyeva discussed the growing need for Operational Efficiency in the retail industry.

One of Intelocate’s stand-out attributes was its easy deployment; the Operations Platform can be deployed across major retail chains in less than two weeks, and with minimal to no training. We believe that Intelocate will be one of the leading applications in helping the retail industry make the transition away from legacy systems, to light-touch, user-friendly systems that take a much more holistic approach to Retail Operations.

Read about the pitch competition on the Founder Institute’s website, or on Startup Here Toronto.

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