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By Intelocate on February 27, 2019


In June 2018, Intelocate organized an event dedicated to operational efficiency in the retail industry at the High Commission of Canada in Trafalgar Square, London, UK. Fast forward 8 months and Intelocate continues to innovate new software for flawless employee and customer experience through operational effectiveness.

At this invite-only event, a small group of Intelocate clients and investors, as well as retail industry and enterprise management professionals, came together to listen to Intelocate’s CEO, Yulia Vasilyeva, present her thoughts on Operational Efficiency in high street retail.

Exploring what operational efficiency means in today’s economy, the group discussed some of the key generational movements that impact where society and industry intersect. This conversation highlighted the need to evolve how we build and use effective workplace tools. Watching key developments in society will guide us on how we continue to change and make tools effective, efficient, and experiential for internal and external customers. Intelocate sees three key tenets that they will be expanding on in up-and-coming blog posts, webinars, and content collaborations.

‘The Sharing Revolution’  has changed the way our modern workforce operates outside of business. Today a higher level of transparency, accountability, collaboration, and communication are expected fundamentals. This directly conflicts with current legacy systems typically used by most businesses which limit visibility of information based on roles and prevent strong communication that modern workforces require to operate at maximum efficiency.

‘Digital Natives’ – Our modern workforce and the generations that follow are by default digital natives who are used to working quickly, flexibly, on the go, and with modern technology. Opportunities for efficiency are missed as traditional workflows do not typically facilitate people contributing independently and remotely without complex integrations and significant costs.

‘Experience Design’ is now far more complex than just customer experience. As online continues to place pressure on brick and mortar operations, the experience of employees, 3rd party vendors and contractors alike must be brought into closer consideration in order to drive and create the best possible in-store customer experience. An evolution in design experience is required to shift focus towards finding broader efficiencies across the business. Processes, policies, tools, customer journey, internal and external communication must be considered holistically in order to be effective in the new economy.

Indeed this topic resonated with our industry guests and thanks to Paul McGowan, Executive Chairman of Hilco Capital for coining the term for those changes as “The Era of Efficiency Revolution”.

Intelocate working closely with its customers has resulted in a unique insight into areas of efficiency (both practical and financial), which were not previously considered. This continues to influence Intelocate’s product development and they are excited to launch a set of new reports that showcase insights into how business is dealing with issues which directly impact the in-store customer experience.

Intelocate will be presenting at Retail Week Live O2, London UK, March 27th-28th, 2019 and Retail World Congress, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 14th-16th, 2019 and would welcome the opportunity to discuss Operational Excellence with industry colleagues.

Be Operationally Excellent!


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