Tapi Carpets adopts Intelocate as it re-opens its stores following Lockdown

Release Date: May 29, 2020

Inside a Tapi store

May 28, 2020 – Tapi Carpets, the UK’s fastest-growing flooring retailer, has announced the deployment of IntelocateRETAIL®, the Issue Resolution Management system, across its entire retail estate including retail stores and concessions.

Having recently celebrated its first five years in business, Tapi continues to refine its exclusive in-store look and feel as well as its product selection and strengthens the business with a renewed focus on improving management and control processes at the same time. This history of innovation has ensured that Tapi is able to deliver industry-beating service performance and competitive pricing to its customers. The addition of IntelocateRETAIL® will provide increased cost efficiencies and enhance communication whilst delivering transparency in resolving the myriad of issues that arise with a base of stores over 135 in number.

“Tapi is a progressive retailer and we are always seeking innovative ways to manage our business whilst keeping our overheads low. IntelocateRETAIL® will be a key tool for us as we continue to re-open our stores across the country with the additional transparency and support that the system provides us. Our initial trials have shown a substantial reduction in time spent on issue resolution across our estate and a reduction in the cost as a direct result so we have decided to roll out the system to all of our stores”, comments Tracey Skea, Business Development Director, Tapi Carpets & Floors.

IntelocateRETAIL® is a cloud-based system which integrates seamlessly with corporate email systems allowing clear and fast communication of issues arising at a local level which require central office attention or approval. With a high level of transparency, issues are resolved rapidly and suppliers can be invited to participate directly in the resolution process. On-line reporting clearly shows where issues remain outstanding up-to-the minute whilst detailed checklist operations are used to ensure compliance matters are addressed in a timely manner. This is particularly important following the Lockdown as health and safety matters have become more important for all retailers.

Yulia Vasilyeva, the CEO of Intelocate said : “The IntelocateRETAIL® system was developed to create a transparent and efficient set of processes to enable local issues to be managed to resolution in the shortest possible time and with the lowest cost. Now that we see additional procedures and requirements being applied across retail and other sectors following the lockdown, the requirement for a higher level of transparency and control and a much more rapid resolution process is even more apparent. IntelocateRETAIL® is the only tool in the market that can deliver on all of these needs at this time and we are very proud that the system can also now be a part of the recovery of retail businesses like Tapi Carpets from the COVID-19 lockdown.”

“The new retail conditions pose extra complexities around areas like cleaning, social distancing and shifting workplace conditions and rules. Retailers need an evidential base for insurance and other types of claims as well as compliance reporting. Retail outlet colleagues need to know that Head Office is tracking and resolving their issues generally – but especially as it now relates to health and safety. IntelocateRETAIL® is the tool that can deliver the processes that we all now need, more than ever, whilst reducing the cost of the solutions.”

About Intelocate 

Canadian company, Intelocate, has been providing issue resolution management software for the retail and real estate industry to companies across the UK, Ireland and North America for the last five years. Working on the basis that efficiency means achieving more with less, Intelocate was developed specifically to provide a platform for the efficient resolution of property, equipment, marketing and health & safety issues across any size of portfolio, reducing operating costs and providing an evidential base for insurance or other claims that is more important now than ever.

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