Case Study: Intelocate & HMV

Posted on April 8, 2019

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Key Details

  • Company Name: HMV
  • Industry: Retail
  • Founded: 1921
  • Head Office: London, United Kingdom
  • Company Size: 1,001-5,000 employees
  • Locations: > 110
  • Website:
Inside a HMV store
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With so many stores to manage across two brands, as well as several planned store refurbishments, HMV was faced with a huge communication challenge in 2017.

“With such a variety of tasks and issues across so many locations, we needed a single solution to manage them. We relied on email to manage this, which quickly became a minefield, making it very difficult to track task and issue status and completion at the store level.”

Steve Nussbaum
HMV Retail Operations Coordinator

With so much coming their way, HMV was looking for a system that would centralize tasks, communication, and issue management. Knowing that in-store issues have a direct impact on the customer experience, HMV wanted a way to view issue trends across all of their regions to assess the performance of every location, enabling them to make proactive adjustments. Many businesses adopt communication platforms, but those platforms do not provide the qualitative retail analytics that Intelocate offers. The simple on-boarding, easy adoption, and instant visibility into trends across all locations made Intelocate the obvious choice for HMV.

The Facilities Team pioneered the use of Intelocate, and within 6-8 weeks from launch, the Operations Team also rolled out the system to solve various operational issues. Over the year, other departments followed suit, recognizing the advantages Intelocate had to offer.

“Previously we were each spending anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per day managing tasks and sorting through issues, chasing stores and contractors alike to confirm they had received all the required information. Whereas now, it takes only 15-30 minutes per day.”

Steve Nussbaum
HMV Retail Operations Coordinator

HMV has put their complete trust in Intelocate, and it has replaced multiple systems, tools, and apps. The HMV Operations team quickly reduced their daily time spent handling tasks and issues from 3+ hours to 30 minutes, citing an average of 50% time saved across the business compared to time spent usually sorting through emails, texts, voicemails, spreadsheets and web forms.

HMV was able to derive value from Intelocate within just weeks of adopting the system.

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